Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Italy - The Photo Gallery

Tamat sudah jornal ini
Ucapan Terima Kasih kami akhiri
Kepada semua yang sudi bermasa
Bersantai di sini mendengar cerita

I’ve created an online album on our Italy holiday series; do visit here for more photos. For easy reference, let me summarized the posts created that are related to this holiday:

  1. Sawasdee. We killed time in the BKK Airport during the long transit time
  2. Bonjourno Italia. The prolog. We opened with a poem in Bahasa Malysia
  3. Chapter 1 - The Tour Package. It all started here.
  4. Chapter 2 - The Transit. We flied Thai Airways and this post is all about our transit in Bangkok, the airport and the city.
  5. Chapter 3 - The Hospitality. Our say on the overall services provided in Bangkok, Italy and Switzerland.
  6. Chapter 4 - The Toilette. The WCs in Italy were so impressive that they deserved a post on their toilette alone and nothing else. Well, WCs in BKK and Switzerland were impressive too.
  7. Chapter 5 - The Love-Hate Relationship. It’s about our Tour Manager. A great guy, we would recommend him to anyone anytime.
  8. Chapter 6 - Rome and Vatican City. The day we arrived in Rome.
  9. Chapter 7 – Florence And Pisa. It’s all about the cities we visited.
  10. Chapter 8 – Venice. The only itinerary of the day.
  11. Chapter 9 – Verona And Milan. We finished the Italy Itinerary well beyond our schedule.
  12. Chapter 10 – Como And Switzerland. The added itinerary to our trip.
  13. Chapter 11 – The Little Something For Everyone. Little souviners and indulgence.
  14. Ciao Italia – The End. We ended this holiday series with a poem in Bahasa Malaysia too.

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