Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Phi Phi Island 2002

Before I started this blog, my matrimony and some of my traveling photos were stored in online albums.
Now that these albums had been forced recovered,

How eh?

Building another online album will risks being forced recovered again in due time, not to mention the massive work I need to re-do.

How eh?

I think I’ll just rebuild some in blog posts.

Let me start with our trip to Phi Phi Island trip back in year 2002 (or was it 2003?)

It was a budget trip. We traveled by land in a small group in a van. The journey there was taxing having to depart some 5 something in the morning from Penang. The journey back was as taxing, and a chaotic one if we may add due to some technical issues.

It was a 3 days 2 night trip package with at least 3 guaranteed snorkeling trip into the sea. Food, lodging, transportation and snorkeling gear rental were inclusive at RM499 only (if our memory did not fail us).
Other entertainment such as kickboxing night(which we went), beers(which we had some) and massages (we tried that too) were all on our own of course.

If I may compare, I would say I prefer Redang Island anytime. Redang is less commercialized and the sea is way-way cleaner.

The most memorable part of this trip would be the time where two of our travel-mates were drifted away from our boat during one of the snorkeling trip. Hubby (bf then) was fast to jump into the sea and served as float to one of them. I, on the other hand, took my time and put on all my swimming gear before swam over to bring them a rope. The boatman then pulled them back to safety.
Thinking back, it was quite a scary experience.

This was taken underwater with water proof camera.
We bought the disposable one.

These, hmmmm…. were also taken with the same camera.
I was having a bit of sea sick then.
So, please excuse me for the tardy appearance.

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