Wednesday, September 9, 2009

China 2004

These travel photos are re-posted in blog due to this.

This was a better planned trip; itinerary and budgetary wise. We got to fly directly from Penang to Beijing and the 8D/7N package cost us less than what we paid for our 6D Korea trip the year before.
No additional compulsory tour guide tips and no overnight in the airport or plane what-so-ever. We got 8 full days in China with 7 nights in the hotel.
And oh, we were quite happy with our local tour guide who followed us all the way from Penang to China and then back home, so we still tipped him though not all our travelmates did.

Our China tour guide was a darling too. She conducted the tour mainly in Mandarin but would try to repeat her commentary in English where possible. We might not get her some of the times or believe 100% of the data she fed us, we still enjoyed her company. She was one of the better guides we’ve known.

We covered loads of places of attraction during our time there, unfortunately (although this is debatable, some might feel otherwise) we were brought to a lots of ‘must-shop’ outlets too. It almost seemed that visiting these shopping outlets were part of our travel itinerary.

We couldn’t remember the itinerary sequence exactly but these are part of the places where we left our foot prints:

Tiananmen Square

Forbidden City

Summer Palace

Panda Zoo

Great Wall of China

Wax Museum

Temple of Heaven

Underground City

Marco Polo Bridge


Top City

Gong Wang Fu

Hu Tong

Hot Spring

Chengdu Imperial Place


Punning Temple

Underwater World

Some Famous Tomb
Crystal Factory
Enamel Factory
Silk Factory
Tea Factory
Pearl Factory
something-which-we-forget Gate that sells Feng Shui stuff
Some Acrobatics Show

Food in China was ok overall, we were not picky. We were fed lots of rice with 8-9 types of dishes every meal, folklore steamboat, modern steamboat, Peking duck and one Emperor Banquet.

The only unpleasant experience we (actually we did not find it disturbing la, but our travelmates made quite a bit of noise there) had during this trip was the Chengdu leg. During this leg, our Beijing tour guide was required to be excused as it’s a rule that tourists were to engage their local guide in Chengdu.
Although our package was an all-in-package, we were still "forced" to pay extra for an "optional" boat ride. And it ain’t cheap, we remember we were made to pay some RM60 for a ride was probably not needed.

On the tourist boat

And this Chengdu tour guide kept on pushing and promoting us to buy some souvenirs that we did not fancy. It was a bit of anti-climate actually.
But like we said, we were not too disturbed by it. Chengdu was a beautiful place, especially the Imperial Garden where the ancient kings went hunting. We enjoyed every bit of it.

We enjoyed every bit of the rest of the trip in Beijing and TianJin as well. We don’t mind going to China for a holiday again.

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