Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kunming 2005

It was a trip with my family. We brought Mom on her first trip to China back in 2005. She went on her second and third the following years.

The arrangement for this trip was a bit unusual;
we traveled on our own and separately to Singapore to meet up with my sister and my nephew,
we then flied to Kunming from Singapore (transited in Thailand),
and purchased the ground arrangement in Kunming (all pre-arranged in Singapore).

There was no tour guide following us from Singapore. There were one local guide and a driver allocated for us in Kunming.
Our tour group was a small one. There was another 3 tourists that joined us from Singapore.
So, in a way it was sorta like a private tour for us.

‘Em travelmates were quite flexible and our local tour guide was very accommodative. He was a young chap a lil over 20 and wore the same football jersey most of the days. He was laidback, helpful (he carried Hanxin during one of our toughest stair climbing our of a cave) and a tad funny.
Kunming is a very cooling place earning earning it the all-year-round autumn town nick. According to this young chap, people here probably bath only once a week since it's impossible to get filthy with sweat with this kanda weather.
He said, his grandma would scold him if he bathes everyday for wasting the water :p.

As usual, I couldn’t remember the exact travel itinerary but it was something like this:

The China Tour China was waiting for us at the airport the day we touch down; complete with a sign plank and all .

We went to 2 not memorable Temples in Kunming

We checked-in to a well-known hotel next to the Flower Exhibition Garden. Apparently Kunming is also famous for its annual International Floral Exhibition.We stayed at the same hotel throughout our stay in China for this trip

We went to the famous Stone Forest

We went for a boat ride to reach a famous cave with very intricate culture.

We went to a local garden which was famous for its rich culture. We could see ‘em local dancing and taichi-ing there

We went for a special shopping place which meant for tourist as it was especially built culture rich.

We went to the flower market.

We were brought to the ‘compulsory’ shopping stops for all China Trip; Tea Factory, Crystal Factory, Silk Factory

We went to the famous Peacock Dance Show specially performed by the creator herself (we paid extra for the show)

We were brought to try all the famous local delicacy

And we were given lots of free time to roam around during the night ourselves. We did take the cab (reasonably fared) to the town from our hotel and we did do some delicacy exploring ourselves.
Quite a fulfilling experience.

I guess, the most memorable part of this trip is .... if you have not guess it already, is the local culture expereince. We had the chance to mingle with the folklore there. They dressed in full folklore custom and spoke very little Mandarin.

Indeed quite an experience.

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